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Reduced Rates Offered
on 12 month contracts
Your own Design and IT departments without the overhead costs!

  • Reduced hourly rate.
  • Fast response/ Most projects can start within 48 hours
  • Keep marketing material updated
  • No need to write a contract or wait for deposit everytime work is needed

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Rapadura Design provides effective marketing and brand solutions to large and small businesses.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients. We like learning all about the client's business and vision, we attentively listen to their concerns and respect their opinions. Success can only come working as a team. We love seeing our clients growing professionally.

Our core team consists of professionally trained designers, illustrators, programmers and photographers. Not to mention our vast world and culture diversity with native English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers. A sense of the world and different cultures is becoming a huge necessity to our current global economy.


The name “Rapadura” is the crystallization of the sugar-cane-syrup without any process of industrial refining. Rapadura was first invented as a cheaper way to export sugar from Brazil to Portugal. Once arrived in Portugal, rapadura would be refined and sold as sugar.

Rapadura is a source of energy for many poor Brazilians. It can be eaten with food or by itself.

There are several kinds of Rapadura in Brazil and through out Latin America:

  • Ones with white sugar
  • Orange Rapadura
  • With carnation and cashew nuts
  • Rapadura of Cariri (known as blended Rapadura, softer than other rapadura's)