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Reduced Rates Offered
on 12 month contracts
Your own Design and IT departments without the overhead costs!

  • Reduced hourly rate.
  • Fast response/ Most projects can start within 48 hours
  • Keep marketing material updated
  • No need to write a contract or wait for deposit everytime work is needed

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  Businesses are always looking for ways to trim costs, optimize processes, drive efficiencies, and create greater value for their clients. But in the sobering light of our current business world, these are no longer gentle goals-they are hard objectives—potentially tied to even harder business decisions.

At Rapadura Design we help clients achieve these goals. We provide practical advice and fixes to specific problems for our clients to make better business decisions.

We look at a company as a whole and create a plan of action and budget. We will research the company, industry and competition. Work with the client to create a strategy to position the company and be competitive in the marketplace.

If an existing company, is the issue in the brand, the website or marketing material? Has the company shifted from its original vision? How do prospects/clients see the company? What do they think of the company?

If the company has not launched what should come first? How should they be positioned in the marketplace? Is the company legally protected? Do they have a budget?