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Now at days a website is a necessity for businesses. If you have your own business, or you are an artist, a website can be an inexpensive and valuable way to get your name out there.

The website should complement the style and look of business. It should entice the target audience and be interested enough for customers to view and refer friends to it.

If you try to undercut costs by having the website done by an amateur, a non-designer or using a template so your site is just like a thousand other sites it can bring a lasting negative impact to your business. This might save some money in the beginning but can cause great loss for company in the long run. Potential clients will be turned down the website, they will not come back and most likely will find someone else that has a stronger website. This can also cause a long lasting brand damage. Once a consumer has negative feelings over a brand or company it is very hard for them to change their opinions after having a bad experience.

On the other hand if your website is done by a professional and is a lot stronger than the competition you are more likely to get the client and have your site referred by people. Remember a website should represent the company, do you want your company to be presented unprofessionally or professionally? A well done website will give a consumer a greater level of trust on your company which will increase the conversion rate.

At Rapadura Design we make sure you receive a professional website by following these three simple steps that consists of: research, design, and enhance. When beginning on a web project: competition, target audience, and content are the building blocks for the whole website. Completed websites must meet our high standards functionally, appeal and communicate to the target audience. Our web design has a constant challenge balancing content and imagery. This balance is the key for a successful and creative web site. Is this marriage of content and organization what makes a creative and functional website.

Please consider Rapadura Design for your entire print and web needs. Contact us with your needs for more info. (310) 822-6980 info@rapaduradesign.com